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Meet Your Webinar Host:
Nev Kraguljevic
Nev Kraguljevic
Investor, Author, Speaker, Mentor

My name is Nev and for about 20 years I have been investing in real estate. In that time, I learned what works and what doesn't and have discovered some great (and horrible) ways to find deals and make money.

I have tried just about any strategy you can think of... from traditional fix and flip to buy and hold (and rent). I've done BRRRR (buy, rehab, refinance, rent, repeat), single family homes, multi-family homes, apartments, land... 

I was a private lender for a while (hint: this is not very lucrative right now).

I syndicate real estate deals and I love doing that.

BUT, my ALL TIME FAVORITE and most lucrative strategy is the one that I want to share with you here and that is HOW TO FIND AMAZING PROPERTIES for dirt cheap.

I don't want you wasting 20 years of your life and hundreds of thousands of dollars to LEARN THE HARD WAY, like I did...

I want to ensure that you get inside information that most of so-called investors don't even know about... and those that know about it, HATE the fact that I am sharing this with you!

But, I don't care!

This is too important not to talk about and share. 

And with the economic season that we are in (and about to enter), I simply must share and help as many people out there as possible. 

I want you to know this, as it will save you A TON of time and money!
Imagine Buying A Property At 80-99% DISCOUNT...
And then selling it for the full market value!
Do You Think You Could Make Insane Returns???
Here Is What They Tell You In Traditional Fix & Flip Class:
  • Drive around looking for distressed property - well that's stupid! It takes too much time! Never mind the gas you waste and pollute the planet!
  • Send letters to homeowners and if you're not embarrassed, you offered too much - That's just ridiculous! Too much time, endless letters, and shaming your good name!
  • When your offer is accepted, do OPM (other people's money) - That's lovely! You either have to get a bank with 20% down (too much money) or private lender at 35% down or more (too much money and too expensive).
  • ​Get a team to fix it - That sounds lovely, but if you've ever worked with contractors (GCs, plumber, electricians...), you know that their show up rate a abysmally low and prices are ridiculously high! This cost time and money!
  • If you don't have a team, then DIY - Yeah, if you know how! And if you don't, you waste precious time watching endless YouTube videos trying to figure out how to get it done! Oh, and if you have a full-time job or business, now you're spending your evening and weekends attempting to figure out how to lay carpet! Good luck!
  • When you finishing fixing it up, list it with a realtor - So after months of work (and financing and paying for all the stuff to get done - read: EXPENSIVE) you need to find a realtor to list the property and then hope and pray someone buys at the market price... because if you don't get that and your spread was thin to begin with, YOU LOSE! Oh, and by the way, realtors will charge you 6-7% of the sale price, so don't count on all the chickens coming home... they won't!
  • When you sell, you get the profit - Of course, but that's after you pay everyone off, you of course get to keep what's left... BUT, don't forget the capital gains taxes, as that will be due as well.
The Problem With Traditional Fix & Flip Process:
Too Much Work
Too Much Time
Too Much Money
Too Much Risk
Too Many People
Too Much NO!
The New (& better) Way To Flip Deals:
  • Go online and log in - easy and can be done from anywhere
  • Select the deal - look for deals that are under market and have a large spread (difference between price and value)
  • Click and Buy - with 1 click of the button, the property can be yours (yup, 100% you own it)
  • ​Post online - put your deal online and position for quick sale (no need to give a portion of deal to another person)
  • ​Collect the cash - complete the sale and collect the money (and if you watch the FREE training webinar, I will share with you how to potentially reduce your tax liability too)
Isn't That Better? Isn't That Easier?
In This 1-Hour Webinar, You'll Learn...
How To Make 3-5X Return On Your Money
real estate is dead
Buy Low, Sell High! I will to share with you how to find amazing deals at a deep discount and then flip them for profit.
How To Invest Even If You Suck At Math Or Have No Time
find undervalued properties
This strategy works full or part-time, even if you suck at math and I will show you what you need to know to succeed.
How To Flip Your Deal Regardless Of The Economy
flip real estate online
Flip your deal regardless whether the market is going up, down, or sideways, by positioning it correctly.
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